Barbeque grills, sauna stoves and roofing felts

Barbeque grills, sauna stoves and roofing felts

Our partners


The high quality of Timapuu products naturally extends to barbeque grills, sauna stoves and roofing felt. We have chosen our partners with great care. All the options we offer are high-quality Finnish products.



Barbeque grills


Stone table grill

Polar Grill L8

Polar Grill XL-10

Polar Grill M8

Grill hut BBQ

Grill hut 100cm

Polar Grill S8

Grill hut Heavy Duty



Our barbeque package comes with an octagonal or decagonal Polar grill, depending on the hut design. If you wish, you can also choose a different grill for your hut. Please contact us or the nearest retailer for more information.



Sauna stoves


Timapuu saunas come standard with a Narvi Kota Luosto stove. Its water jacket is a safe solution for heating washing water and it also fits the atmosphere of the hut. Water temperature never exceeds 100˚ C. The water jacket has been placed around the stove instead of on the chimney, where it would be a visual obstruction. You can also choose another wood-burning or electric stove for your sauna. We are happy to tell you more about the other options.


Roofing felt


Timapuu products come standard with graphite-black Icopal felt roofing. However, there are several colour options to choose from, including forest green, coal grey, earth brown and brick red, if black does not work for you.