Barbeque huts

Enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space with a Timapuu barbeque hut. We offer a whole range of sizes suitable for all spaces, from eye-catching structures for small courtyards to spacious huts for 40 people. All of our huts are octagonal, except for our largest 10-sided 29 m2 hut. More sides means more ambience for your hut.

Hut 6,9
Hut 9,9
Hut 12,0
Hut 17,2
Hut 29,0
Accommodation huts

All our barbeque huts feature:

  • low-emissivity windows
  • benches around the walls
  • mortise door lock
  • deadwood door handles
  • felt shingle roof
  • eaves flashing
  • stainless steel door threshold plate

Perfect your hut with your choice of Barbeque Package or Lapland Package, taking the ambiance to the next level.