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Hiker’s refuge or the pride of a large courtyard

Hut 12 is a model that has the best parts of both the compact models suited for small courtyards and the largest festive huts. There is plenty of space for around 20 people and enough room for several people to sleep.


The hut can be customised with wider benches which can function as beds where needed. This makes the huts a cosy refuge for a group of fishermen, hunters or hikers, for example.

Basic package :

Octagonal Polar grill (Ø 60 cm)
8-part detachable table encircling the grill, depth 30 cm, which can also be used as lap tables.
Sausage-grilling set, contains a fire iron and rake.
Cast-iron crêpes pan
Steel pan
6 lap tables


Lapland package :

5 reindeer skins, tea cosy, tubular pillow, decorative Santa Claus, 6 sets of juniper cutlery, guest book made of deadwood, 6 wooden Samí mugs, clock made from a gold-panning pan, traditional Samí knife and filleting knife with fish spike, traditional Samí cap + scarf, juniper servers, deadwood bottle opener, 6 juniper coasters, leather coffee bag, reindeer antler extract, pot holder and oven mitt, deadwood thermometer, deadwood decorative chopping block, bell for the door, juniper serving platter.

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