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The versatile Hut 17.2 can double as a summer cottage

Thanks to its size, this hut is extremely versatile. With plenty of room for 25 people, the hut is a great a venue for a family celebration or company get-together. Our huts have also served as day-care outbuildings and summer cottages, since there is plenty of space for storage, leisure, cooking and sleeping.

Basic package :

Low-emissivity windows on four walls (one opening), encircling benches (70 cm deep on the three back walls), floor grating, mortise lock, deadwood door handles, black felt shingle roofing.


Full package :

Round grill (Ø 100 cm)
Smoke hood, chimney set, flashing and rain cap
Tables encircling the grill
Sausage-grilling set, contains a fire iron and rake
Cast-iron crêpes pan
Big steel pan
9 lap tables
7 reindeer skins

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<b>Tahkokuru kota Metsahallitus-JariYllasjarvi srgb</b>
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<b>Hut and northern lights</b>
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