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Build ambiance in a small courtyard

With this hut you can build ambiance even in a small courtyard or in the city without compromising on quality. Though not spoiled for size, the hut has plenty of space for up to 10 people. The spacious feel compared to the surface area is ensured by the octagonal floor design, which provides more seating and floor space than a hexagonal design.

The Basic Package includes:

Log 45 mm thick, wall height 9 logs, layer of pressure impregnated wood under the wall, double-glazed windows on four walls (325x635 mm.) One of the windows can be opened. Benches around the space made of 45x195 mm plank, mortise lock, wooden door handles, stainless steel door sill, graphite black shingle roofing, eaves flashing.



Barbeque package:

Octagonal Polar brand grill (Ø 60 cm), adjustable double hinged gridiron for broiling, coffee pot hook, 8 removable tables around the grill (depth 30 cm) that double as a lap table, stainnless steel ash hatch, cast iron grate, air damper.


Lapland package:

Pan hat, sausage-shaped pillow, decorative Santa Claus, 6 fork and knife sets, guest book made of deadwood, 6 wooden Samí mugs, gold pan clock, traditional Samí knife and filleting knife with fish spike, traditional Samí cap + scarf, deadwood bottle opener, 6 juniper coasters, juniper serving platter, leather coffee bag, reindeer antler extract, pot holder and oven mitt, deadwood thermometer, deadwood decorative chopping block, bell for the door.


-Grill package small (Grill set. Crêpe pan Ø35 cm. Coffee pan 1,5 l)

-For extra comfort, we offer fine reindeer skins and sheepskin rugs to be placed on the benches.

-Removable floor grills to be placed inside around the grill.


Polar brand hood, chimney pipe, air vent, roof pipe and rain cap

Hood color options: Black, Antique Copper, Antique Silver


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