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Atmosphere at home – shelter for hunters

Want to enjoy a campfire in nature without being exposed to the weather? Our Lean-to is the solution. It is an atmospheric addition to your home's yard and functions perfectly as a shelter for hunting or fishing – even overnighting in nature.


Do not hesitate to contact us and request an offer with your desired accessories. We will design a product just for your needs.

The Basic Package includes:

Log 45mm, wall height 3 logs, layer of pressure impregnated wood under the wall. Benches all around the space made of 45x195mm plank. Black shingle roofing, eaves flashing.



Barbeque Package:

Octagonal Polar grill Ø 70 cm, adjustable double hinged gridiron for broiling, coffee pot hook, 8 removable tables around the grill (depth 30 cm) that double as a lap table, stainless steel ash hatch, cast iron grate, air damper.


-Grill package small (Grill set. Crêpe pan Ø35 cm. Coffee pan 1,5 l)


-For extra comfort, we offer fine reindeer skins and sheepskin rugs to be placed on the benches.

-Removable floor grates for placing inside around the grill.

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