Creating good foundations

When you buy a Timapuu hut, all you need to do is provide the foundations. Good foundations guarantee a long and problem-free service life.

Good instructions and a precise approach ensure that even an inexperienced builder can successfully lay the foundations. The aim is to achieve smooth, level and solid base, and you should consider any special requirements your site has. We are happy to provide advice on finding the right foundation solution for you. We also sell prefabricated timber foundations with installation instructions.

Dimensions of our hut products

ProductDiameterDiagonalLength per side
Size 6,9 m²3149 mm2909 mm1205 mm
Size 9,9 m²3750 mm3464 mm1435 mm
Size 12,0 m²4116 mm3802 mm1575 mm
Size 17,2 m²5017 mm4635 mm1920 mm
Size 17,5 m²5071 mm4685 mm1941 mm
Size 29,0 m²6181 mm5878 mm1910 mm

NB! Make sure to check the measurements before laying your foundations.
Remember to place air intake ducts under the barbeque grill
(min. diameter 2 x 160 mm).
Hut 9,9 is shown in the diagram.

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