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Barbeque Huts

Let Timapuu complete your garden or courtyard with a stylish and welcoming touch. Timapuu’s outbuildings radiate the sense of ambience and craftsmanship that come with traditional timber construction. Thanks to their versatility, our huts make for a practical and environmentally friendly addition to your outdoor space

Timapuu barbeque huts are also perfect for use as summer kitchens. The heart of the hut, as well as its heat source, is a versatile and easy-to-use grill, perfect for creating delicious meals for groups of all sizes. Want to forget your worries and relax both body and mind? Then look no further than the gentle heat of the Timapuu sauna hut. Our sauna huts, built honouring the Finnish sauna tradition, make for the perfect outdoor sauna for your garden or cottage. Lovers of the great outdoors long for nature, and you can grill to your heart’s content in Timapuu’s barbeque shelters, embracing the call of the great outdoors in your own backyard. On a fishing or hunting trip, a Timapuu shelter offers year-round protection from the elements. Timapuu tepees offer a unique kind of magic; their genuine design offers a taste of a bygone era. Break free from the everyday grind in your very own tepee. Timapuu huts are also perfect for commercial use, as well as for all kinds of purposes for schools, daycare centres, parishes and municipalities.

Size matters!

Timapuu huts are constructed from densely grained, 45 mm or 70 mm thick planned timber. We believe that quality products are made of strong and durable materials