A sauna is ideal for relaxation, a place to wash away the stresses and urgencies of everyday life. Timapuu sauna huts allow you to enjoy smooth, even, oxygen-rich sauna steam. Our saunas are inspired by and embrace old Finnish sauna traditions, combined with wellconsidered details to ensure they could not be easier to use.

Sauna hut 9,9
Scenic sauna

We supply both our sauna models fully ready to use.

Our accessory packages include everything you could need for a rejuvenating sauna experience:

  • Narvi-branded Kota Luosto sauna heater boasting both durability and powerful heat with minimal wood, complete with a stainless steel water tank equipped with a faucet, or the impressive Harvia Legend sauna heater.
  • stove stones
  • stylish benches
  • insulated chimney
  • eaves flashing