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Smooth sauna steam in your own courtyard

The benches of the 9.9 m² sauna hut have plenty of space even though it does not require much room. The sauna has a Narvi Kota Luosto stove as part of standard delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask about other models.

Walls made of 45 mm strong planed log (pine), wall height 9 logs, bronze-colored double-glazed windows on two walls (325x635 mm). Mortise lock, deadwood door handles, moisture barrier under the panels 45 mm, air circulation, Royal seat package, eaves flashing.


Sauna stove options

- Narvi Luosto VS incl. with water heater and chimney damper , stones 40 kg.               

- Legend 240 incl. water heater and chimney with damper, stones 220 kg.

-Legend PO 16.5 incl. control unit Xenio CX 170, stones 200 kg.                                  


Finnish sauna equipment package

Seat towel 1 piece 160 x 45 and 4 pieces 55 x 45.                                               

2 pcs sauna pillows, ladle, bucket, and thermometer

Hinge table on the wall and towel rail.        


-Removable floor grills to be placed inside around the grill.

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