Summer houses

The high walls and large windows of our summerhouses let in the light beautifully, providing a feeling of airiness. The heart of your summer courtyard can also be used to house summer guests if necessary. Our summerhouses can easily be adapted to suit customers’ needs and preferences. For example, a large window element can be replaced with a smaller window or even a plain wall.

Summer house 9,9
Summer house 12,0
Summer house 17,5

The basic configuration of a summerhouse includes:

  • bronze low-emissivity windows on seven walls (opening windows on one wall)
  • encircling benches (depth of 70 cm on the three back walls)
  • mortise door lock
  • stainless steel door threshold plate
  • deadwood door handles
  • felt shingle roof
  • eaves flashing

If you wish, you can also order beautiful reindeer skins or sheepskins for the summerhouse benches.