Embracing the spirit of a genuine hut

We have intertwined the traditional hut with some modern day touches. In our tepees you can enjoy a genuine hut experience, taking you back to a time when we lived on nature’s terms. The steep roof of the hut ensures a sense of spaciousness as well as good air circulation to vent out smoke. The tepee is a real eye-catcher, both in a courtyard and out in nature, also working excellently as a spot to take a break during outdoor excursions and hikes.

Tiipii 12,0

The basic configuration of a tepee includes:

  • frame made of 70 mm timber
  • encircling benches (70 cm depth on the three back walls)
  • mortise door lock
  • deadwood door handles
  • felt shingle roof
  • eaves flashing
  • pressure-treated footing
  • one thermally insulated skylight, which allows the interior to be lit naturally and beautifully (more skylights can be added for an additional fee).

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