Timapuu Quality

Timapuu Quality

Timapuu Quality

refers to carefully crafted and meticulously finished products manufactured from top-quality materials. We manufacture all our barbeque cottages, sauna huts and summerhouses in Northern Finland out of Lappish pine, a building material held in high esteem worldwide. In the extreme conditions of the far north, the wood grows slowly, making it very densely grained to withstand all kinds of weather. Cracking, shrinkage and swelling is minimal even with great fluctuations in temperature and humidity.


We want to make sure that you can enjoy your new Timapuu hut for a very long time. That is why all our products can be delivered on a turnkey basis with professional installation.


Only the foundation needs to be laid by the customer.




Structural solutions

In Timapuu products, every single detail from the floor to the ceiling has been carefully considered from the viewpoints of user comfort and durability.

All Timapuu barbeque huts, saunas and summerhouses are octagonal, except our largest model, which is decagonal. Thanks to the number of corners, our products seem considerably larger than their surface area and the space can be better utilised.


  • Changes in temperature cause moisture to alternately condensate on and evaporate from hut walls. The structural solutions of Timapuu products ensure that humidity cannot remain and brew in structures, causing damage. Our roofs are made with vertical boarding without tongue-and-groove joints. This prevents moisture from being trapped between the roofing felt and boarding and allows it to flow down and evaporate.
    Since the wall logs consist of one thick tongue-and-groove joint, humidity cannot get between the joints as it can with double tongue-and-groove joints.
  • We use a 45-millimetre milled log as the wall material of our products. Since the log is sturdy enough, the building will stand strong and serve you for many years to come. Huts can also be specially ordered with heavier 70-millimetre log or semi-round log.
  • We always finish the eaves with drip moulding. This keeps the eaves boarding dry. Moisture will flow straight down instead of being trapped under the felt causing moisture damage.


Many are surprised by the fact that the 6.9 m2 and 9.9 m2 barbeque huts do not require a chimney. Thanks to the steep roof and the right dimensions, these huts function perfectly without a chimney or smoke hood. This also makes the huts much more spacious and the smoke hood does not block views in the middle of the hut. Cooking is also much more pleasant when one does not have to stoop under a smoke hood.


Comprehensive service is an essential part of Timapuu quality. That is why all our models can be delivered on a turnkey basis. Please contact us for more information.


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