Where does Timapuu quality come from?

Timapuu quality comes as the result of careful and well-finished work and the very best materials. Over 20 years of experience and thousands of orders delivered, both in Finland and abroad, have helped us refine our products into the high-quality and practical pieces you see today. Each individual piece is carefully considered to ensure compatibility and the longevity of the hut.

Finnish design and engineering

Timapuu offers Finnish dependability. Al... [Read more]

Timapuu offers Finnish dependability. All of our products are Finnish in origin, from the wood materials to  the sauna heaters and grills, which makes sourcing spare parts quick and easy. All of our huts are crafted  by hand in Tornio, Finnish Lapland, from pine sourced in Lapland. Our partners are amongst the very best  at what they do in Finland, and great care has gone into selecting them; this ensures you can enjoy your  Timapuu hut for many years to come.

Only the very best materials

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Timapuu huts are constructed from densely grained, 45 mm thick planned timber. If you wish, you  can also choose to have your hut made of even thicker 70 mm planed timber or half round timber. The  densely grained nature of the Lapland pine we use helps it withstand all kinds of weather – growing in
tough conditions means the trees grow slowly and their wood becomes more compact, leading to minimal  cracking and wear. This means that your Timapuu hut will remain in good shape, withstand use, and  serve you well for years to come – perhaps even for the rest of your life.

Installation always included in the price

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Helpful and personal service is an important element of Timapuu quality. We want you to be able to enjoy  your new outdoor structure as quickly and easily as possible, and we provide reliable transportation to  the site with our own vehicles. We install our huts on a ready to use, turnkey basis, and our experienced  installation team will make sure that our products have not been damaged in transportation and install  them as intended. All you need to do is provide the foundations. This careful work will provide you with a  hut that lasts decades.

Carefully considered structural solutions

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All Timapuu hits are octagonal, except for our largest model, which is 10-sided. The number of corners  ensures the huts feel spacious for their size, and that the space can be put to better use for a wide range  of activities.

The roof and walls are constructed specifically to keep moisture out. We build our roofs with  vertical boarding and no tongue and groove joints. This means that the moisture does not get trapped  between the roofing felt and boarding, and instead can flow and evaporate away. We always finish our  eaves properly with drip moulding, which keeps the eaves boards dry. The timber we use for our walls  features durable and supportive tongue and groove joints, which increases the lifespan of the hut.

Flue-free smoke venting

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That our 6,9 and 9,9 huts do not require flues to vent out smoke is a source of amazement for many. A  steep roof and appropriate dimensions mean that smoke can be vented out without a chimney and hood.  This means that the huts feel more spacious with no obstacles blocking users’ view. Cooking is also a  more pleasant experience without a hood above the grill.

We use Finnish branded products

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Timapuu’s high quality is complemented by Finnish branded products. We have taken great care in selecting our partners, ensuring that you benefit from robust complete solutions that work like a dream.

Barbeque grills

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The basic models in our Barbeque Packages are made in Finland. Contact us to find out more about the options available. For more information on our Barbeque Packages, see page accessory packages.

Sauna heaters

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The standard models used in our saunas are the Narvi Kota Luosto sauna heater, which is equipped with a  30-litre water tank, or the large-scale Legend 240 sauna heater, which has a 25-litre Legend water heater. Our saunas are also available with wood or electrically-powered heater options. Contact us to find out more about the options available

Roofing felt

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Timapuu’s huts have Finnish felt shingle roofing as standard. Contact us for more information about.

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