installation instructions

installation instructions

Good and easy foundations

Foundations should be laid with great care, since a good foundation guarantees a long service life for the building and ensures successful installation. Good instructions and a precise approach to the task at hand ensure that even an inexperienced builder can lay the foundations. The aim is to achieve a smooth, level and solid foundation for the building so that it will retain its shape and not sink.


You can make, for example, concrete, timber or light foundations. It is largely a matter of taste, but you should also consider any special requirements of your building site. A timber foundation, for example, is advisable if your site is difficult to reach, such as an island accessible only by boat. We are happy to advise on materials and solutions where needed. We also sell prefabricated timber foundations with installation instruction.


Concrete foundation

A concrete foundation is a moulded slab. Start by placing a wooden peg in the centre of the planned slab. Here is an example for laying a slab for a 9.9 m² barbeque hut: Attach a string (1,875 mm) onto the peg and move it in a circular fashion in order to mark all eight corners with the help of a measuring board (1,435 mm). Please note! Check that the diameter is 3,750 mm. Place a metal or plastic air intake duct (Ø 200 mm) in the foundation. One end goes under the grill, the other outside.


Light foundation

The foundation can also be constructed with a tightly packed and graded bed of sand, gravel or rock flour. In this case, it is advisable to place slabs that are on the same level with the foundation under the building’s corners for reinforcement to prevent the elements from sinking down.


Timber foundation

It is also possible to construct the foundation of your hut, sauna or summerhouse with timber. The timber frame is a terrace that at minimum equals the building’s floor area and serves as a platform for constructing the building. If a timber foundation is used, the stove/grill must be placed on an non-flammable base.


We are happy to advise on foundations when you place your order.