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A sauna that pleases the eye

What could be more relaxing than admiring beautiful nature views while sitting in a hot sauna? Timapuu’s scenic sauna gives you the chance to experience it. The sauna has a Narvi Kota Luosto stove as part of standard delivery.

Walls made of 45 mm strong planed log (pine), wall height 14 logs, mortise lock, wooden door handles, moisture barrier under the panels 45 mm air circulation. Bronze-colored double-glazed windows all around, two pairs of which can be opened. Eaves flashing.


Sauna stove options

-Legend 240 incl. water heater and chimney with damper, stones 220 kg.

-Legend PO 16.5 incl. control unit Xenio CX 170, stones 200 kg.


Finnish sauna equipment package

Seat towel 1 piece 160 x 45 and 4 pieces 55 x 45.

2 pcs sauna pillows, ladle, bucket, and thermometer

Hinge table on the wall and towel rail.


-Removable floor grills to be placed inside around the grill.

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